Weekly Focus

Summer Term - Week 10

In the week commencing 26th June we will be:

• introducing the 'o' sound with the help of Georgia the Pig and tasting a variety of foods beginning with 'o';
• developing our fine motor skills through orange peeling, weaving ribbon and cleaning shells;
• extending our understanding of rhyme and alliteration by introducing relevant games and songs linked to this terms topic; and
• discussing our trip to Sir Harrold Hiller Gardens.

You can help at home by:

• dinding objects in your house that begin with 'o'. If you would like to bring these into Kindergarten, as long as they are small and of no value, to display on our 'sound table' please do so; 
• reading and discussing the story of The Rainbow Fish and Rainbow Fish to the Rescue with your child; and
• discussing at home our investigation of the week which is: What creatures like to live in ponds?