Design & Technology

Design and Technology is for everyone. Throughout the day we all interact with it and use it at some level. It is the route through which individuals can explore and develop ideas and turn them into physical products. It is a most rewarding subject where each child has an opportunity to achieve.

The department at Farleigh consists of a large, bright, modern workspace where children have access to a broad range of tools and machinery and materials. They quickly become responsible for sourcing their own equipment and soon learn to select the appropriate tool for the job.

Projects are tightly structured in Year 3, in order to develop the skills and understanding on which children can draw when the work becomes more open ended. From Year 4 children are given the opportunity to add some of their own creative thinking to the design and making process.

Experience using a variety of materials is gained as the children progress through to Year 8. Wood, metal, plastics and textiles are the key materials used. The range of tools and processes becomes progressively more extensive, enabling each individual to realise their ideas into a finished, quality product.

Projects generally begin with a brief or scenario, which leads onto research, followed by initial designing (which is almost always done with a pencil and paper), to more advanced 3D designing using ICT. More recently the school has introduced the use of iPads which the children have been quick to utilise as a design tool. This is then followed by some simple prototype modelling before the manufacture of the final product begins.

The latter part is by far the most popular aspect of this subject. The children love to get their hands dirty and to explore for themselves different ways of realising their ideas. Everybody gets to keep what they make.

Children move on from Farleigh with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to confidently tackle the wide range of GCSE Design and Technology courses on offer at their senior schools. Even if Design and Technology is not a subject they choose to pursue, they will have gained experience in achieving an understanding of its role in everyday life and will have actively enjoying the processes involved.