Religious Studies

Religious Studies are taught formally in the classroom but find a wider expression within the life of the school and more particularly in the celebration of Mass and the sacraments.

"In providing a good standard of religious education, the pupils are given a firm faith foundation. The drive towards high achievement in the common entrance exam, along with a commitment to the subject being taught by specialists, means that religious education is given a high status within the school. The co-ordination of the subject is outstanding, with real commitment to further development and support for staff." Roman Catholic Validation Report 2008

Miss Liz Redmond is the Head of Religious Studies.

The children from Reception (age 4) to Year 8 (13) follow a religious studies programme, entitled 'The Way, The Truth and The Life', ensuring continuity and development of faith and knowledge throughout the school.

A creative and imaginative programme, it explores the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church through a variety of creative and stimulating tasks, and it sees it in relation to other Christian denominations, as well as World Faiths. The syllabus is inclusive, ensuring that your child feels valued and respected, and is able to ask those questions which are fundamental to the meaning of life. The aim of the programme is to ensure your child leaves Farleigh with a working knowledge of Christianity and particularly the Catholic faith.