Junior Recital

The title of the concert and the children's tender years were the only clues that most performers in the Junior Recital have only recently begun their musical journeys, the newest kid on the block being just half way through Year 1!

Held over two evenings to accommodate all the supporters, the Junior Recital never fails to impress. The line-up includes already accomplished junior ensembles, some in their entirety such as Pick Perfect, Green Shoots, Brass Band, Clarinet Ensemble and the Recorder Group, others as subsections of the school's larger ensembles which include children from most years in the Prep School, Flute Group and String Sensation.

Junior Rock Academy gave us an exciting glimpse of the future of Rock at Farleigh and a highlight was Junior Choir who provided such a spectacular grand finale to bring the evening's musical entertainment to a close.

Thanks go to to all the music teachers who prepared and directed their ensembles, and to Mrs Rockhill and Mrs Weager for all their enthusiasm and time with the children.