Our very own Witches & Wizards

Our smart Farleigh dining room had the air of Hogwarts last week, as our 100+ boarders enjoyed a Witches and Wizards themed dinner night. Fancy dress, spooky food, and games made for an excellent evening of magical fun.

The children had made a huge effort, being terrifyingly festooned in an array of pointed hats, cloaks, masks, stars, moons and even veils! Ghastly eyeballs and scuttling spiders completed the ghoulish accessories which dripped from hats and costumes.

The boarders and boarding staff were treated to a night of culinary wizardry, with the catering staff creating plates of exotic delights such as rambutan fruit which resembled furry eyeballs and mangosteens, which looked like curled up grubs nestled in old wood. “For our bewitching main course, we had red chicken and purple rice with spiky broccoli and puce carrots, then everyone was wowed by the colourful finale - a cauldron of cheesecake in swirling colours of red and green, topped with sharp edible blood red spikes,” enthused Mrs Whithear, Senior Girls’ House Parent.

The children bought into it all and were full of good spirits (but no evil ones), feasting and enjoying the games and the magical atmosphere to the full. What a wicked night!