This Term's Fixtures

Autumn Term 2019

Please note that any changes to fixtures are highlighted in red. Regrettably, dogs are not allowed in the school grounds.

Date Fixture
Wednesday 11th September

Football Festival at Portsmouth Grammar School
13.30 U11A, U11B (depart at 11.30) (A)

Football Training with St Francis
14.15 Years 5 & 6 (H)

Hockey vs Portsmouth Grammar School
13.30 U11A, U11C (depart at 11.30) (A)

Hockey vs Lord Wandsworth College
14.15 U13C, U12C (A)
14.30 U12A (H)

Hockey vs Forres Sandle Manor
14.30 U13A (A)

Year 5 Internal Netball Versatility Tournament
14.00 (H)

Wednesday 18th September

Football 6s Tournament at Highfield
14.00 1st (A)

Football Festival at Farleigh
14.15 U11

Football vs Stroud & Yateley Manor
14.30 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th (H)

Football vs Stroud
14.30 U10 (A)

Hockey Tournament at Highfield
14.00 U13A & U13B (A)

Hockey Tournament at Westbourne House
14.00 U11B (A)

Hockey vs Godolphin
16.45 U12A & U12B (H)

U12C Hockey vs Godolphin CANCELLED

Thursday 19th September

Netball vs St Swithun’s
14.00 U9A, U9B & U9C (H)

Saturday 21st September

Stroud Football Tournament
14.00 U10A (A)

Hockey vs Andover Hockey Club
13.00 U11 (H)

Hockey vs King Edward VI
14.00 U13B, U13D (A)
14.00 U12B, U12D (H)
14.45 U13A, U13C (A)
14.45 U12A, U12C (H)

Wednesday 25th September

Football vs Cothill
14.30 1st, 4th, 5th, U11A, U11B, U11C, U9 (A)
14.30 2nd, 3rd, U10A, U10B, U10C (H)
U11D Football vs Cothill CANCELLED

Hockey vs Sherborne House & Salisbury Cathedral School
14.00 U11A , U11B, U11C (H)

Hockey vs Salisbury Cathedral School
14.15 U13B & U12A (A)
14.45 U12C (A)
U12B Hockey vs Salisbury Cathedral School CANCELLED

Hockey vs Godolphin
16.45 U13A & U13C (H)

Netball vs Sherborne House
14.30 U10A, U10B, U10C (H)

Sunday 29th September

IAPS Football Tournament @ Millfield Senior School, TA11 6AZ
U11A (A)

Wednesday 2nd October

IAPS Hockey Qualifier at Bryanston School
10.00 U11 (A)

Football vs Elstree
14.30 1st, 3rd, 5th, U11A, U11B, U9A, U9B, U9C (A)
14.30 2nd, 4th, U11C, U11D, U10A, U10B, U10C (H)

Hockey vs Dauntsey’s
14.15 U13A, U13C, U12A, U12C (A)
15.00 U13B, U12B (H)

Netball vs Twyford
14.15 U10B & U10C (A)
14.30 U9A, U9B, U9C (H)
14.45 U10A & U10D (A)

Saturday 5th October

IAPS Football at Moulsford
09.45 1st (A)

Football Tournament at Stroud
13.30 U9A (depart 12.20) (A)

Football vs Port Regis
14.30 4th/5th (A)
14.30 2nd, 3rd (H)

Hockey vs Chafyn Grove
14.00 U13B/C, U11B (A)

Hockey vs Cheam
14.00 U12A (H)
14.15 U12B (H)
14.15 U13A, U11C (A)
14.30 U12C (H)
15.00 U13 (H)
15.00 U13B/C, U11A (A)

Netball vs Cheam
14.30 U10A, U10B, U10C & U10D (A)
14.30 U9A, U9B, U9C (H)

Tuesday 8th October

IAPS Hockey Tournament @ Abingdon School, OX14 1PU
10.00 U13A (A)

Football vs Twyford
13.30 U8 (H)

Netball vs Twyford
13.30 U8 (H)

Wednesday 9th October

Farleigh Netball Tournament
13.30 U10A, U10B (H)

Netball vs Westbourne House
13.30 U10 (H)

Hockey Tournament at Westbourne House
14.00 U12A (A)

Hockey vs Stroud & West Hill Park
13.15 U11B (H)
14.00 U11A, U11C (H)

Football vs Pilgrims’
14.30 1st, 2nd, 3rd, U11A, U11B, U11C, U9A, U9B, U9C (H)
14.30 4th, 5th, U10A, U10B, U10C (A)
U9D Football vs Pilgrims' CANCELLED

Hockey vs West Hill Park
14.30 U13A, U13B (A)

Thursday 10th October

Swimming Gala v Brockhurst & Marlston
16.00 Years 5-8 (A)

Friday 11th October

Football vs Pilgrims'
14.00 U8 (H)

Hockey Festival (Internal)
14.00 U8 (H)

Saturday 12th October

Football Triangular vs Highfield & Twyford
14.30 1st, 4th, U11A, U11B, U11C, U11D (A)Twyford - CANCELLED
14.30 2nd, 3rd, 5th (H) - CANCELLED
14.30 U10A, U10B, U10C, U9A, U9B, U9C (A) Highfield - CANCELLED
14.30 U9 Internal match (H) CANCELLED

Hockey Triangular vs Highfield & Twyford
14.30 U13A, U12C, U12A, U12B (H)
U13B (A) Twyford - CANCELLED
14.30 U12/U13C CANCELLED
14.30 U11C (A) Highfield - CANCELLED
14.30 U11A, U11B (A) Bohunt School, Liphook, GU30 7NY - CANCELLED

Netball Triangular vs Highfield & Twyford
14.30 U10A, U10B, U10C (A) Highfield  CANCELLED
14.30 U9A, U9B, U9C (A) Twyford - CANCELLED

Tuesday 15th October

Football vs St Francis
14.00 U8 (H)

Hockey vs St Francis
14.00 U8 (H)

Wednesday 16th October

Football vs Twyford
14.30 U12A, U10A, U10B, U10C (A)
14.30 U12B, U12C, U11A, U11B, U11C, U11D, U9A, U9B, U9C, U9D (H)

Hockey vs Twyford
14.15 U12A, U11A (H)
14.15 U11B (A)
15.00 U12B (A)
15.00 U11C, U12C (H)

Netball vs Twyford
14.15 U9A, U9B (A)
14.30 U10A, U10B, U10C, U10D (H)
15.00 U9C (A)

Saturday 2nd November

House Matches
14.30-15.45 Years 4-8 House Football
14.30-15.45 Years 6-8 House Hockey
14.30-15.45 Years 4 & 5 House Netball

Monday 4th November

Swimming Gala vs Twyford
16.30 Years 5-8 (H)

Wednesday 6th November

Football vs Cheam
14.30 1st, 5th, U10A, U10B, U10C (A)
14.30 2nd, 3rd, 4th, U11A, U11B, U11C, U9A, U9B, U9C (H)

Hockey vs Cheam
14.15 U13A, U12A (H)
14.15 U13B, U12B, U11B (A)
15.00 U13C, U12C (A)
15.00 U11A, U11C (H)

Netball vs Cheam
14.30 U10A, U10B, U10C & U10D (H)
14.30 U9 (A)

Thursday 7th November

Football Festival (Internal)
14.00 U8 (H)

Netball vs St Swithun's
14.00 U8 (H)

Friday 8th November

House Matches
14.00 Year 3 House Football
14.00 Year 3 House Netball

Monday 11th November

Swimming Gala vs Prince's Mead
16.30 Years 4-6 (H)

Tuesday 12th November

Football vs Thorngrove
14.00 U8 (H)

Hockey vs Thorngrove
14.00 U8 (H)

Wednesday 13th November

Bryanston Hockey Tournament
11.45 U11A (depart at 9.45) (A)

Farleigh Hockey Tournament
13.00 U13A, U12A (H)

Football Festival at Portsmouth Grammar School
13.15 U10A, U10B (depart at 11.45) (A)

Rory McDonagh Senior Football Tournament
13.45 1st, 2nd (H)

Football vs Pilgrims’
14.30 3rd, 4th, U11A, U11B, U11C (A)
14.30 5th, U10C, U9A (H)
14.15 U9 (4 teams) (H)

Hockey vs Thorngrove
14.00 U12C (A)

Hockey vs St Francis
14.15 U11B, U11C (A)

Hockey vs St Mary’s Calne
15.00 U13B, U12B (A)
16.00 U13C, U13 (A)

Netball vs St Swithun’s
14.30 U10 (6 teams) (A)

Internal Netball Matches
14.00 U9 (H)

Thursday 14th November

Football Festival @ Portsmouth Grammar School
13.30 U9A, U9B

Netball Tournament @ Portsmouth Grammar School
13.30 U9A, U9B

Netball vs St Swithun's
14.00 U9C (H)

Saturday 16th November

Hockey vs Lambrook
14.30 U13A, U13B (H)
14.30 U12C, U11B, U11C (A)
15.15 U11A, U12A (H)
15.15 U12B (A)

Netball vs Lambrook
14.30 U10 (H)

Wednesday 20th November

IAPS Hockey Finals @ Rugby School
U12A (A)

Rugby vs Downside
14.30 U13 (A)

Rugby Festival @ Highfield
14.00 U12A, U12B

Netball vs Downside
14.30 U13 (A)

Thursday 21st November

Hockey Nationals @ Haileybury College
10.00 U11A  (A)

Tuesday 26th November

Touch Rugby vs St Francis
14.00 U8 (H)

Netball/Hockey vs St Francis
14.00 U8 (H)

Wednesday 27th November

Rugby Festival @ Bryanston School TBC

Rugby vs Walhampton
14.30 U13A, U10A, (H)
14.30 U11B, U11C (A)

Hockey vs Thorngrove & Lambrook
14.00 U10A, U10B, U10C (H)

Netball vs Lambrook
14.30 U13A, U13B, U12A, U12B (H)
14.30 U12C (A)

Netball vs The Marist School & Lambrook
14.30 U11A, U11B, U11C (A)

Thursday 28th November Swimming Gala vs St Francis
16.30 Years 4-7 (H)
Saturday 30th November

Rugby vs Sandroyd
14.30 U13A, U12B, U11B, U10A (A)
14.30 U13B, U12A, U11A, U10B, U9 (H)

Wednesday 4th December

IAPS Rugby Festival @ Wellington Sports Ground

Rugby vs Lambrook
14.30 U13B, U12B, U11B, U11C (H)
14.30 U10A, U10B, U10C (A)

Hockey vs Twyford
14.15 U10B, U10C (H)
14.15 U9A, U9B (A)
15.00 U10A (H)

Netball vs Twyford
14.15 U13A, U13B, U13C, U12A (H)

Netball vs Twyford & St Swithun’s
14.15 U11A, U11B, U11C (A) Twyford

Friday 6th December

Rugby vs Orwell Park School
14.15 U13A & U13B (H)

Hockey vs Orwell Park School
14.15 U13A, U13B, U13C (H)