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the saint tHeresa fund for full bursaries

 A Farleigh education is a very special thing. In an ever more constrained and restricted world, Farleigh children have the time and space to run around, play, and build dens in the woods – in short, to be children. We believe that presenting shared values to a variety of cultures can offer coherence to an increasingly secularised, fragmented society which lacks an ability to agree upon, or establish, a system of common ideals.

In this way, we believe that our educational ethos touches every child in the school and every person who meets a member of the Farleigh family. Farleigh's governors are committed to making the school accessible to all children who could benefit from this special place in their formative years. For this reason, Farleigh has partnered with Springboard, the national boarding charity, to begin to offer means-tested, 100% bursaries to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, who can flourish under the Farleigh ethos and play a full part in the life of the school. 2017 sees us preparing for a long-term bursaries project focus; for more information, or to support, please contact Eleanor Marsden.

Support the St THeresa Fund

Supporting full bursaries for deserving children is easy; find out how here or contact Eleanor Marsden for further information.  

If you are interested in becoming a St Theresa Fund Parent / Past Parent Buddy, please get in touch.