Leavers' Gift

The Leavers' Gift 2018

More information will be available from Easter onwards...

The Leavers' Gift 2017

The leavers of 2017 decided to donate bee hives and bee-keeping equipment as their gift. (Information on when we will be installing the hives may be found here.)

Previous Gifts

Farleigh School has been lucky to have received some wonderful gifts over past years, donated by each year's leaving parents.

The leavers of 2016 decided to give the gift of a 'trim trail' to the school (details here).  We were delighted to raise, with Gift Aid, almost £5,200 to make this happen.  Thank you to all who contributed.

Fortress Farleigh 2007

Chapel Pews 2015Leavers 2013

...plus the Outdoor classroom, 2014; the coop, 2012; the Field Gate in 2003; and more.