Celebrating Common Entrance Results

Congratulations to Year 8 on their Common Entrance results. It is always an exciting moment when the pupils gather together on the Headmaster's Lawn in their form groups and Fr Simon says a few words before their form taker hands out those crucial slips of paper. There were shrieks of delight, hugs, tears and laughter, shared with their delighted teachers.

This year, of the 53-strong year group, eight pupils are going to Marlborough, six boys to Sherborne and eight girls to Sherborne Girls. Five girls are off to Godolphin, four pupils to Ampleforth, four boys to Radley and three girls to St Mary’s Ascot. Two pupils are going to each of the following schools: Bryanston, Downside and Eton. The rest of the year group are going to a wide range of leading senior schools: Canford, Dauntsey’s, Downe House, Heathfield, King’s Bruton, Mayfield, Millfield, Oundle, St Swithun’s, Stonyhurst and Winchester. In addition, 21 of these pupils gained awards to their senior schools, not all of them taken up, but the awards reflect the pupils’ hard work and the dedication of their teachers and parents who have nurtured their talents. Congratulations to you all.

The Common Entrance results were celebrated with parents and a very relaxed sports evening followed. The Year 8 pupils, with their parents/brother or sister/grandmother carried on the celebrations, playing cricket, tennis or rounders. Over 32 pairs played cricket or tennis, and rounders was enjoyed by everyone who took part. Mrs Covill was an amazing batter and scored many rounders (definitely winning herself a bat!) and it was great to see all the younger children getting involved in the game too. Tennis was fun with Lulu and Nigel Browner playing against Zara and Felix Henderson in the final, the brother/sister combination emerging as victors. In the cricket, the boys really enjoyed playing against their fathers especially scoring boundaries or bowling them out. Picnics and a barbecue contributed to the party atmosphere and a well-earned celebration.


  • The identical twins compare results
  • Results shared with Mr Ottley and Mrs Whithear
  • A proud Mrs Hammond!
  • Ms Reynard Pearce thrilled with those Science results
  • Mrs Wits is a proud House Parent
  • Kiki gives Simon and co have something to smile about!
  • Well done, Team Henderson