Farleigh Fest 2019

The arrival of the festival canopy early in the week (immediately nicknamed The Pringle) was a reminder that the evening of the Summer Soirée, also known as Farleigh Fest, was fast approaching, the grand musical finale to a wonderful week long Festival of the Arts at Farleigh and a celebration of all the school's music ensembles.

The day dawned with the promise of a long midsummer's night ahead, the festival atmosphere was tangible from the moment the children started heading over for a long day of rehearsals in the summer sunshine. Pre-Prep Grandparent's afternoon had brought many families to Farleigh and the lawn quickly became a sea of picnics as people began settling down for the evening, despite rehearsals still being in full flow!

Mr Reeves's presence this year ensured that the Soirée ran smoothly and to time, and the musicians presented a wonderful evening of entertainment. From the opening number, A Million Dreams, by Junior Choir and Highly Strung, to the closing performance of Raise Your Voice by Senior Choir, all the children performing throughout the evening played and sang with style and presence, and even the smaller groups did their best to make a louder sound than the spectators! 

With some fantastic original performances on percussion featuring the rarely played xylophone, written by Mr Redmond, and by the Guitar Ensemble, written by Mr Lindsey-Clark, as well as superb performances of well known songs from The Greatest Showman with instrumental accompaniment, in addition to a varied mix of classical, jazz and rock, the evening was a fabulous showcase of the talent of the children and their music teachers.

With many thanks to everyone involved for all their dedication and time throughout the year and in putting together such a fitting celebration to bring Arts Week to a close.

More photos are available to parents on the website.

Teresa Henderson