Gowns and Guts

Operating Theatre Live's arrival created quite a buzz as the Theatre was transformed into an operating theatre, giving Year 7 pupils the chance to get hands on and learn all about human biology in the most practical (and graphic!) of ways.

Dressed in surgical gowns they spent the day as surgeons, trying their hand at everything from perfecting their bedside manner to attempting a rudimentary heart transplant. A talk about medical careers was followed by practical sessions including: how to administer anaesthetic; removal of an eyeball from its socket; learning about the cardiovascular system; and the workings of the digestive tract – from beginning (the tongue) to the end. The children were given various parts of a pig on which to practise their operating skills, and the majority relished the opportunity to get stuck in, quite literally!


WARNING: Some of the photographs are not for the faint-hearted!