Making the Most of It

For the 250+ pupils who made it into school today, boy, is it fun! Lessons continue on an adapted timetable and the children are making the most of the snow.

Isabelle's poem captures a snowy day at Farleigh superbly. Both her poem and Tristan's were penned in their English lesson this morning; we have the snow and Mrs Crowhurst-Jones to thank for their inspiration!

Snow at Farleigh by Isabelle Nislev-Pitt, Year 6

Outside - and the icy wind dances with the snow, each hoisting the other higher and higher into the clouds before plummeting down to the ground to replay the routine.

Children’s laughter bubbles in the air as it shifts with the snow into graceful patterns with unconscious strength.

The ice covers the ground so smoothly it looks like a sheet of glass. The tornado of flakes covers the already frozen pond in a layer of icy powder.

Meanwhile snow flies from children’s hands, scrunched up like an armadillo’s shell, defying the wind attacking its face as it pelts into the defender’s hair.

Footprints show a steady path though the icy glaze up to the classroom as the warm smell of cocoa filters through the open doors.

Inside - and students and teachers alike curl their fingers around mugs of hot chocolate. Breath clear, nothing like the clouds of air outside.

As the chocolate drips down to the stomach, the heat flows, welcomed through the veins, clearing the freezing feeling from the body.

Snow splattered against the window, and, thanks to the door, outside kept out, and inside kept in.

The Snow Has Come by Tristan Evans, Year 6 (assisted by Sebastian Barry and Algy Royle)

It beats against you, it answers the call,

With the wind in my face and the protection of my skull.

The snow has come! In early March!

It’s through the trees, and on that branch!

You see snow-angels and a footprint there,

I’m so happy, there’s snow everywhere!

The freezing cold and the shapeless breeze

My hands are so cold, I think I might freeze.

The snow has come! In early March!

It’s through the trees and on that branch!

It covers flowers and the ground,

Children laughing, a joyful sound!

The rock hard ground, the snowball fights

All is dark except for the lights.

The snow has come! In early March!

It’s through the trees and on that branch!

It’s chilly outside, with the frigid frost

It covers so much you might get lost.

A blanket of cold, a playground for you.

It sticks to your clothes, there’s ice on my shoe!

The snow has come! In early March!

It’s though the trees and on that branch!

The only downfall is the sun

It’s disappeared and it is gone.