Open Heart Surgery

There was a distinct smell in the air when Year 7 welcomed Operating Theatre Live back to Farleigh!

Dressed in surgical gowns, pupils learned about the workings of an operating theatre, from disinfecting the patient and administering an anaesthetic, ensuring nothing touched the sterilised equipment, to examining the nervous and cardiovascular systems - before being allowed to have a go themselves.

They were also able to see (and touch) the workings of a digestive tract as each group was presented with the innards of a pig, from head to…!

The day was an enormous success with the majority of pupils getting stuck in to the task in front of them and learning a lot in the process. Leonora said: "We were so lucky to see the whole of a digestive tract (even if it was a pig). I really enjoyed the whole thing." Kitty commented: ‘It was so much fun, even though I’m a bit squeamish. The best bit was the heart transplant which we managed, although our heart had been cut in half by the other group!"