Our Gold Ambassadors

Congratulations to Amy, Katie, Kit, Bryana, Tessa, Olivia, Matilda and Millie in Year 8 who are this year's first recipients of Gold Ambassador Awards.

Launched in 2015, the objectives of the Ambassador Awards Programme are:

  • to recognise the contribution each child makes to demonstrate and develop the attributes described in the Farleigh Ethos;
  • to structure and define a path to self-improvement;
  • to encourage each child to take pride in all that he/she achieves; and
  • to lead by example and offer service.

All children in Year 8 are given the opportunity to gain a Bronze (50 points), Silver (150) or Gold (200) award dependent on the amount of points they earn during the year. As well as progress grades, any Headmaster's commendations; merits; contribution stars, relating to service and positive contributions in all aspects of school life; and TUM Credits (Time, Uniform and Manners) awarded by teachers, are taken in to account.

Commenting on the first recipients of these awards in 2017, Mrs Harding, Head of Year 8, says: "Congratulations to these 'Gold Ambassadors' who should feel proud of having achieved this top award."