Pre-Prep's Performance of Cinders Rocks!

Congratulations to the cast of our 2018 Pre-Prep Play, Cinders Rocks! This was a mammoth production, with every child in both Years 1 and 2 holding a speaking part and those in Reception and Kindergarten helping out with the singing. 

There were some excellent performances from Lyra Latham and Leticia Illingworth as the Ugly Sisters; George Sanders and Michael Whithear who sang a delightfully confident duet; and there were very sweet performances from Sebastian Black and Grace Molony as Buttons and Cinders. 

Following the Year 1 warm up crew and the prompts for cheering and booing, the play raced through the traditional story of Cinderella giving it a different twist as characters such as the evil Fairy Bossy, played by Lucy Stephens planned the downfall of the show. 

Fortunately, the Fairy Godmother (Honor Coley) with the good fairies who had lost their wings and the kitchen crew raced in to save the day. Not to mention the heroics of Bruce and Brick the bodyguards (Teddy Jenkins and Thomas Griffin) who, complete with carrots to help their x-ray vision, stopped the evil fairy in her tracks. 

And who could forget the little cameo roles: the Mirror played by Monty Craig, the Clock (Alethea Whittall) and the enthusiastic mice (Alice Grindle, Grace Copinger-Symes, Orlando Walker and Henry Williamson). 

The play was supported by rousing songs and delightful tunes – the most memorable being the Kindergarten’s rendition of A Ton of Love, in which all the actions and words were clearly portrayed by the youngest members of the cast.

Many thanks to all the staff who sat backstage, made props, controlled children, encouraged the line learning and learned the songs and the actions! A fantastic end to the term!

Miss J Hillman