The Great Teddy Bear Dare

It takes a lot of courage to leap into the unknown with the merest flimsy parachute strapped to your back and nothing but thin air between you and the hard ground… So said one intrepid teddy bear taking part in Friday’s first ever Great Farleigh Teddy Bear Dare!

On a bright and breezy autumn morning, almost 100 brave teddy bears volunteered to be hoisted to the roof of Farleigh School only to parachute back to earth, watched by gleeful crowds of children, parents and staff alike. Working hard on the roof were a Giant Panda, Harry Potter and special guest, Batman, alongside a group of volunteer staff, checking the bears’ safety and launching them off in groups. Despite a few gusts of wind sending some of the smaller bears on longer journeys than they’d anticipated, all had a safe, gentle landing and  returned safely to their owners and the sponsored event has to date raised an astonishing £1000 for the St Theresa Fund for bursaries! Thank you to everyone who took part, and to Action for Children for the loan of the bear parachutes.

Eleanor Marsden