At Farleigh we aim high. We seek to foster in your child curiosity and a real enjoyment of lifelong learning.

The Arts, Sciences, Humanities (Religious Studies, Geography and History) and Languages together with very high spiritual and moral values are at the heart of the school curriculum with ICT (Information and Communication Technology), integral to the teaching of these subjects.

The children learn to research and extend their knowledge, engaging in individual projects, group work and presentations. They are taught examination techniques and receive training in study skills to enable them to become independent learners. Year 3 and 4 children (Lower School) are taught predominantly by their form teacher. From Year 5 (age 9), pupils are taught principally by subject specialists. French is taught from Year 2 (age 6) and Latin from Year 6 (age 10). PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) is covered throughout the school and is included formally in the curriculum from Year 5 (age 9). In Year 3 (age 7), pupils have an additional designated, reading period.

Classroom teaching is supplemented by educational visits, hands-on learning sessions and visiting speakers, with much emphasis placed on cross-curricular learning.

Learning support is available for children with learning difficulties and for those identified as exceptionally gifted and able.

Parents receive progress grade report cards every half-term and two written reports per year on academic progress. As well as parents' evenings, which take place once a year, parents are welcome to discuss their child's progress at any time.