St Theresa Bursaries

the saint tHeresa fund for TRANSFORMATIONAL bursaries

A Farleigh education is a very special thing. In an ever more constrained and restricted world, Farleigh children have the time and space to run around, play, and build dens in the woods – in short, to be children. We believe that presenting shared values to a variety of cultures can offer coherence to an increasingly secularised, fragmented society which lacks an ability to agree upon, or establish, a system of common ideals.

We believe that our educational ethos touches every child in the school and every person who meets a member of the Farleigh family. Farleigh is committed to making the school accessible to all children who could benefit from this special place in their formative years. For this reason, Farleigh has partnered with Springboard, the national boarding charity, and with Reedham Children's Trust, to begin to offer means-tested, 100% bursaries to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, who can flourish under the Farleigh ethos and play a full part in the life of the school. December 2017 saw us launching a long-term bursaries programme: The St Theresa Fund.


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Young people on full bursaries at other schools are the best illustration of the power of full bursaries to change lives: listen to their stories below:


If you are past or current parent and are interested in becoming a St Theresa Buddy, supporting our recipient pupils and families on a practical level, please get in touch.


Supporting full bursaries for deserving children is easy and every gift helps to give a huge, life-changing difference to the pupils supported; find out how to support (including one-off and regular giving) or contact us for further information.  

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'Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change their world.'

Information for applicants and referrals:

We mostly work with partner organisations to allocate our full bursaries. However, if you feel that a child would meet the criteria (see below), please get in touch or call the Registrar, Sarah O'Rorke, on 01264 712838. Please only apply if you feel you understand all the requirements:

  • A full bursary place means that fees and extras paid by the school. It covers 100% of fees with extra money available for items such as uniform, which is why the application process is very thorough.
  • Your child does not need to be very academic, but should be able to keep up with pupils in their year, and must be ambitious to try new things and opportunities. We begin by using the same criteria to select candidates as for all other pupils; see our admissions policy.
  • We currently offer one full bursary place in Years 7-8 (ages 11-13). We cannot currently offer full bursary places outside of Year 7.
  • Full support is given, including fees and extras such as uniform, however we rigorously means-test families to ensure they meet the requirements; as a guide, Pupil Premium / free school meals generally indicate suitability. Parents/guardians must be happy to evidence their financial situation.
  • The bursary is full boarding and there must be a reason you feel the child would benefit from the stability of boarding life.
  • We look at many other factors including family circumstances and the school the child attends or would move on to. 

Please do enquire only once you are informed of the type of school we strive to be, where we are, and recognise the points above. The St Theresa programme aims to be transformational for children and at the heart of the process is the mutual fit between the child and Farleigh.