Why we have Development

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Development is not just about fundraising - although undoubtedly, philanthropic support for the school plays a vital role in its sustainability. Often called 'Advancement' in US institutions, Development concerns the advancement of the organisation's aims and ethos through its community of parents, past parents, grandparents, alumni and friends.

Our pupils' education is our top priority. Supportive facilities in which children can learn and grow are key, beginning a life-long process of service, discovery and growth, nourished by the Catholic ethos which is central to all that we do. The school is currently implementing a master plan for capital expenditure and has allocated significant funds to this task from surplus income. However, we recognise that the school has no historical endowment and fees alone will not continue to meet the cost of every aspect of life here into the future.

To help fee increases to be held at or below inflation and hence improve affordability, long-term, we aim to build up voluntary income so that Farleigh will continue to inspire and nurture new generations into the future. We therefore set up a Development Office as part of a long-term, strategic initiative to build our community, increase connections between members of the Farleigh family, and in years to come, to build support from the wider Farleigh community. This ‎will help to ensure the educational infrastructure is of a quality that simply cannot be afforded by fees alone. Voluntary income will hopefully fund small projects and a number of full bursaries.

In order to continue to enrich the lives of our children and their children (through new projects and bursary provision), we need the support of our whole community. With your help, we can leave a legacy which we can enjoy and of which we can be proud, ensuring that Farleigh remains a beacon for Catholic education for generations to come.

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The Development Ethos

As a registered charity, we support the school's charitable aims through the provision of opportunities for as wide a range of constituents as we can.

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The Institute of Development Professionals in Education (IDPE)

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