A Feast Fit for St Theresa!

The school Feast Day culminated in a wonderful Dinner Night for boarders and staff. This year, it was our first formal supper in our new Dining Room setting and the children thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere along with the stunning food.
There was a nod to the World Cup with a platter of oriental starters followed by a more traditional British dish of confit of lamb shoulder and dauphinoise potatoes. When asked how he had achieved such a delicious meal, our Catering Manager, Aaron Thompson, explained that the kitchen slow-cooked the meat for 12 hours! The highlight for most of us was an amazing chocolate cake with lashings of cream and fresh strawberries.
St Theresa looked on in approval as all the children had made a special effort with their smart ties and dresses with a colourful hint of red to match the roses in honour of her traditional flower.
Don’t forget, our next formal Dinner Night will have a witches and wizards theme! Hats at the ready….