St Cecilia's Carnival Concert

It might be darkest November, but inside Farleigh's Sports Hall last week it was carnival time! One of the biggest musical events of the year, the St Cecilia Concert involves almost all pupils in the school and takes a huge amount of preparation from both performers and staff alike.

A concert of this magnitude means an early start for all as rehearsals proceed throughout the day. There are plenty of logistics to organise and a keen audience to keep at bay until the doors open. Before we know it, it’s 7.00pm and the Sports Hall is awoken with a fanfare. 

With its Latin vibe, this year’s concert was a veritable feast for the senses in every way. The evening kicked off with the Samba de Janiero by Ramon Zenker & Airto Moreira and passed at a steamy pace through firm favourites such as La Bamba, Harry Belafonte's Jump in the Line, La Cucaracha (arranged ably by our very own Mrs Weager) and Barry Manilow's Hey Mambo. The spectacular evening closed with the lilting wonder of Give a Little Love by Albert Hammond and Dianne Warren (arr. Alan Billingsley) and the gently swaying All Night Long by the masterful Lionel Ritchie (arr. Mark Brymer). 

Marching bands and bearers of brightly coloured parasols filled the interludes between pieces, which effortlessly transported us deep into South America to enjoy the infectious rhythm and beat. There were so many good performances it would be impossible to single anyone out but, needless to say, every child performed with the full heart and soul we love to hear at Farleigh.

A gaggle of tired but fulfilled musicians made their weary but happy way home, full of the sound of music… and then the clean-up begins! It is a fantastic night for all and we extend a huge thank you to all those who worked so hard to put the evening together.