Year 5 Parents Learn from their Children

Parents may ask what their children get up to in the school day, a question which is often greeted with the briefest of replies. Mr Tween decided it was time to throw open his doors so they could see and experience for themselves what happens in a typical DT lesson.

Year 5 have been manufacturing a toy snake using a wide range of tools and machinery to make a series of segments which link together to create an articulated figure. In the past two weeks, the children have taken the role of teacher as they explained to their parents how to use equipment such as the pillar drill and belt sander. The parents (being naturally well behaved) donned the DT PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and mucked in to help their child manufacture their snake.

Comments such as, “this is really therapeutic”, “this takes me back to when I was at school” and even remarks on the evocative smell of working with the equipment, were heard, as they rediscovered the joys of the practical classroom.

It was great to see the children relishing the opportunity to show their parents and siblings just how much they have learned and how capable they are becoming, and there were beaming faces all over the room. It also served to give the parents some insight into Mr Tween’s high expectations for the quality of finish expected in the final pieces.

The parents performed very well at the crucial points and were awarded a DT Merit for their great attitude to learning!